Cassidian and Atlas Elektronik merger gives rise to Signalis

Cassidian and Atlas Elektronik have completed of the merger of their subsidiaries Sofrelog and Atlas Maritime Security into one new company named Signalis, which officially starts operating in January 2011.

Maritime safety and security provider Signalis will be co-owned by Cassidian with 60 per cent of the business and Atlas Elektronik with 40 per cent and have two managing directors: Rémi Julien, acting as chief executive, and Dr Arnd Helmetag, acting as chief operating officer.

Signalis will have a total workforce of more than 190 maritime surveillance specialists in Germany and France, as well as a large customer base with more than 210 systems in use in 50 countries.

The company will provide products including small-scale Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) systems and Coastal Surveillance Systems (CSS), as well as solutions for harbour security, port management/information systems and other related radar-processing applications.