Casting a closer look

Tomography is being used to look inside a molten steel-pouring nozzle in an effort to improve continuous casting. The technique is used to obtain detailed images of the internal structures of solid objects using x-rays or ultrasound.

Continuous casting is used by the steel industry to produce billets, blooms, and slabs. Demand for closer tolerances in these products has prompted the research into pouring nozzle performance.

Dr Tony Peyton, a reader at the engineering department of Lancaster University and his fellow researchers have conducted simulations of tomographic analysis, and experimental work into pouring visualisation and flow measurement. The work on scanning technology is expected to enable better control of molten steel delivery to the mould in the casting process.

The ability to see into the nozzle as it works will enable improved nozzle design, which is considered very important to the quality of steel for mass production.