CATIA to Rhino translator

Elysium has released a CATIA V4 to Rhinoceros translator that runs as a plug-in application in Rhino 3D and reads/writes CATIA V4 files directly.

CATIA V4 does not have to be installed on a system for the translator to work.

Rhino 3D is a NURBS-based modelling tool developed by Robert McNeel & Associates, and has more than 60,000 users. The new translator from Elysium will translate solid and surface models from CATIA V4 model and CATexp files to and from Rhino 3D.

CATIA V4 solid entities translate to solid entities, and surfaces are translated to surfaces or poly surfaces in Rhino 3D. In addition, the translation tool will allow referencing of CATIA files within Rhino so that changes to the base data can be accurately reflected in the Rhino design data.

In addition to surfaces and solids, the translator supports curves, points, and mock-up solids. Join information between entities in Rhino 3D and layering structures are maintained through translation. Native Rhino 3D surfaces and solids can be imported directly into CATIA V4. The translator is available from Elysium <a href=’’>here</a>.

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