C/C++ tools for ARM microcontrollers

Atmel Corporation and IAR Systems Software have released the IAR Embedded C/C++ Workbench (EWARM v3.40) for Atmel’s ARM7 and ARM9 core-based, 32-bit RISC microcontrollers.

The IAR Embedded C/C++ Workbench for ARM is a set of C/C++ compiler/debugging development tools for programming embedded applications.

It integrates an IAR C/EC++ compiler, assembler, linker, ANSI libraries, text editor, project manager and C-SPY debugger all in one integrated development environment.

The IAR C/C++ compiler is optimized for Atmel’s ARM7 and ARM9 core-based architectures and evaluation and development boards.

The latest member of Atmel’s AT91 family of ARM7 and ARM9 core-based microcontrollers, the AT91RM9200, includes USB Host and Device and Ethernet 10/100 Base T MAC as well as interfaces for a variety of Flash memory cards, including Atmel’s DataFlash. A power management controller provides a range of clock speeds and enables individual peripherals to be powered down when not in use.