CCIA files complaint against Microsoft

The Computer and Communications Industry Association (CCIA) has filed a formal complaint with the European Commission in Brussels against Microsoft Corporation.

The complaint focuses on Microsoft’s new and widespread violations of European competition law, and seeks intervention by the Commission to restore competition to the markets that Microsoft now dominates and to prevent future harm to these and other markets.

‘Windows XP violates European competition law. This complaint comprehensively details the myriad anti-competitive abuses of Microsoft that remain at the heart of their ongoing business strategy,’ said Ed Black, President and CEO of CCIA.

‘Our complaint describes how Microsoft abuses its overwhelmingly dominant positions on the markets for PC operating systems, browsers, and personal productivity applications (PPAs) in violation of Article 82 of the EC Treaty through a variety of anti-competitive behaviours,’ said Black.

‘Only competitive markets can deliver choice, innovation and fair prices for consumers. It is therefore imperative to take steps to preserve competition in these and related markets, and to prevent future anti-competitive conduct by Microsoft,’ said Black.