Celsius workstations set the pace

Siemens Computer Systems reports that its new Celsius workstation range has set new performance records against benchmark standards for Intel-based workstation systems.

Based on the SPEC95 benchmark, the Siemens Celsius 420 workstation achieved ratings of 21.3 (SPECint95) and 15.0 (SPECfp95) with a single Pentium III at 500MHz, while the Celsius 630 dual Pentium III Xeon at 550MHz achieved ratings of 24.4 (SPECint95) and 17.1 (SPECfp95).

The workstations are targeted at engineers looking to migrate their CAD/CAM, design and prototyping, engineering, and other applications from proprietary Unix and Apple environments to a Windows NT based infrastructure. The Celsius 620 in particular is targeted at demanding 3D CAD, 3D studio applications, numerical animations and real time animation of textured objects.

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