CFD in motion

Among its new capabilities, Blue Ridge Numerics’ CFdesign v7.0 includes a Solid Motion Module that shows the interaction and effects between a physical device and its fluids environment.

Blue Ridge Numerics has released a new version of its Upfront CFD software called CFdesign v7.0. Among its new capabilities, CFdesign v7.0 includes a Solid Motion Module that can be used by mechanical engineers during the conceptual and detailed design stages of the product development process.

CFdesign v7.0 puts native 3D solid components and assemblies in motion, showing the interaction and effects between the physical device and its fluids environment. The simulation is parametric and associative with the MCAD model throughout the design optimisation process. All design changes are made in the MCAD environment, CFdesign v7.0 automatically generates an optimal mesh to insure a quality solution, and first iteration simulation results are available for viewing within minutes.

For translating devices, CFdesign v7.0 allows user-controlled solid-body motion to occur within a flow regime. Solid objects can move in and out of the fluid domain, and the flow will respond to their movement.

For rotational devices, the user is given ability to analyse the flow within the blade passages. The interaction between rotating and non-rotating geometry can be dynamically and interactively explored in a manner not possible with physical testing. A classic example is the interaction between the rotor and the stator in an axial compressor or turbine. Another example is the influence of a volute on the flow from a centrifugal pump impeller.

‘CFdesign v7.0 fully simulates rotating machinery. This distinction is important, because in most cases rotating machinery is surrounded by, and must interact with, stationary objects. Most ‘rotating frame’ implementations are suited only for analysing a single blade passage, and provide no provision for neighbouring stationary objects,’ according to CFdesign product manager, Len Whitehead.

Other new features included in CFdesign v7.0 include ‘Entity Grouping’, a capability that further simplifies the preparation of MCAD assemblies with large number of parts for simulation, ‘Total Heat Flux Boundary Condition’ that enables parametric design changes without the user worrying about any changes to the surface area or recalculating the heat flux boundary condition and ‘Direct Mesh Import’, a feature that allows for the import of a finite element mesh created in any third party software, using either the Nastran or I-DEAS formats.

CFdesign v7.0 is currently in its final beta testing phase and will be shipped to customers world-wide this April. The new Solid Motion Module is $5,000 per perpetual license.

The software will be available as an integrated solution for Autodesk Inventor, Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Unigraphics, and I-DEAS.

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