Challenging times

A new study by Frost & Sullivan values the European market for integral horsepower motors, comprising all industrial AC and DC motors with a power rating in excess of one horsepower or 0.75 kW, at $2.14 billion in 2002.

Overall, the European market has been negatively affected by declining demand in the DC sector and compounded by flat demand in the dominant AC motors market. However, these negative trends are expected to dissipate with the eventual strengthening of the global economy. Hence, European sales of integrated horsepower motors are expected to make a gradual recovery, with shipments expected to reach 8.0 million units in 2009, equating to revenues worth $2.34 billion in the same year.

The largest single sector demanding motors in 2002 was the pumps, valves and compressors market, which represented 25.7% of total market revenues. However, the strongest growing sector is expected to be heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), which is forecast to climb to $315.3 million in 2009.

Siemens Automation and Drives of Germany and ABB Motors of Sweden occupy the leadership position in the European integral horsepower motors market. Other key manufacturers include Leroy-Somer, the leading manufacturer in France, and Brook Crompton, which continues to dominate the UK market.

Only these four companies have established a share of more than 5% of the total European market. Other participants that hold a significant standing in certain regions or application sectors include VEM motors of Germany, Alstom and Ansaldo/HVE, which both focus more strongly on high voltage motors, Thrige, Sicme and Sauer-Danfoss in the DC field as well as ATB, Cantonimotor, Lafert, FKI Marelli, Electro Adda, WEG Electric, Loher, Teco and Baldor.

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