Changes to the route

PathControl from RouteScience is claimed to be the world’s first Internet route control product.

In operation, the PathControl product measures in real time an organisation’s end-to-end application performance to its own end users over the Internet, giving it unprecedented visibility into ISP performance.

Using these performance metrics and customer preferences for ISP link cost, PathControl determines the best ISP path and automatically updates the organisation’s edge routers in real time with the best path routing information.

The results are a cost-efficient use of bandwidth and faster transactions for 50 to 80 percent of destinations, making them more than twice as fast on average and up to 10 times faster for poorly served end users.

‘This new category of products may change Internet routing from haphazard guesswork with out-of-date protocols to informed decisions based on real-time performance. This is one of the most exciting routing innovations in the last five years,’ said Christine Heckart, president of TeleChoice.

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