Charging is the real issue

I disagree that the range of an electric vehicle is the most important factor when determining whether an electric vehicle will become a mass-market product. Reaching 150 miles simply means that more people will use the cars to travel away from home where their recharging can be done easily. How will these cars be charged and how long will it take? If you had a lot of people, for instance, visiting a hotel in electric vehicles would it have the charging facilities to allow them to take their cars back home again? The building of infrastructure as with so many new developments in transportation will decide how successful they are. None of us think anything of taking our petrol or diesel vehicles out even with a half empty tank because we know very well that the country is full of refuelling points. When the same ease and speed of recharging is true of electrics then  they will have reached the mainstream, with range an important but secondary consideration.

Charles Keith