Chile activity for Rolls-Royce

Hidroelectrica La Higuera has ordered a Trent 60 dual fuel gas turbine from Rolls-Royce for its new power plant in Colmito, Chile.

The Trent 60 Wet Low Emissions (WLE) Dual Fuel power turbine, capable of providing 58 megawatts of electrical power at ISO conditions, will be a back-up power source for the La Higuera hydro power plant during droughts or low river levels.

The La Higuera plant is a 155MW plant in the Tinguiririca Valley, Chile. It was constructed as part of a joint venture between Pacific Hydro Limited and Statkraft Norfund Power Invest.

The Trent 60 is expected to run on liquid fuel in the first two years until natural gas arrives in the region.