China Unicom seals multi-million dollar deals

China Unicom has awarded Ericsson, Lucent Technologies, Motorola and Nortel multi-million dollar contracts to upgrade existing cdmaOne networks to CDMA2000 1X and to provide CDMA 1X systems.

Ericsson has signed initial contracts with China Unicom valued at more than $150 million. The contracts call for Ericsson to upgrade existing Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) One networks to CDMA2000 1X. CDMA2000 deployment is scheduled to begin immediately in all provinces and all networks are expected to be commercial by the end of 2002.

Lucent Technologies has been awarded what it describes in a statement as ‘a CDMA wireless frame contract worth hundreds of millions of dollars.’

Lucent will provide CDMA 1X equipment to help China Unicom offer high-speed wireless data services such as e-mail and Internet access at speeds of up to 153 kilobits per second.

The CDMA 1X enhancements will be made in an extensive service area in 10 provinces and Lucent will provide China Unicom additional capacity of about 5 million subscribers by January of 2003.

Motorola’s Global Telecom solutions Sectors (GTSS) has signed contracts with China Unicom totalling $446 million for the deployment of CDMA 1X systems.

Motorola, through its joint venture in Hangzhou and partners Guangzhou Jinpeng Group Company Limited, will provide its SC4812TTM base station to expand and upgrade China’s Unicom’s 95A CDMA network in the city of Beijing and in 10 provinces.

Guangdong Nortel Telecommunications Equipment Ltd, signed a series of contracts collectively estimated at approximately $280 million to supply China Unicom with CDMA2000 1X digital wireless network infrastructure equipment.

Nortel Networks Univity CDMA2000 1X equipment will be used to expand China Unicom’s CDMA network capacity in the provinces of Zhejiang, Shandong, Heilongjiang, Henan, and Jiangxi, and in Chongqing municipality. These expansions are expected to be complete within one year.

The contracts, which were signed yesterday October 21 in New York, coincide with the Chinese president’s visit to the United States.