Chinese ethylene plant backs PlantWeb

Yanshan Petrochemical Group has chosen Emerson Process Management’s PlantWeb field-based architecture with Foundation fieldbus to automate its ethylene plant in Beijing.

Yanshan Petrochemical Group, the largest petrochemical enterprise in China, has chosen Emerson Process Management’s PlantWeb field-based architecture with Foundation fieldbus to automate benzene processing in its ethylene plant in Beijing.

‘We plan to expand our ethylene production capacity from 450,000 tons to 710,000 tons per year,’ explained project manager Qiao Xian Yi. ‘We need an advanced and reliable technology to support this expansion, so we chose Foundation Fieldbus.’

Fieldbus instrumentation for the project includes includes Rosemount pressure and temperature transmitters and vortex flowmeters, Fisher Controls valves with Fieldvue digital valve controllers, and a DeltaV automation system with integrated Asset Management Solutions (AMS) software. HART-based Micro Motion flowmeters are also integrated into the architecture.

PlantWeb itself comprises three key components – devices, standards and software – that work to deliver asset management, process control and management execution.

In a field-based architecture, transmitters, analyzers, valve controllers, and other field devices are no longer peripherals to a central DCS. Their on-board computing power makes them intelligent nodes on a process automation network.

Unlike traditional, DCS-centered architectures, the PlantWeb field-based architecture is designed to take advantage of the information these field devices furnish – not only about the process, but also about the devices themselves and what’s going on around them. For example, PlantWeb devices can perform diagnostics and other functions that previously required separate computers or systems.

PlantWeb capitalises on PC-based operating platforms and software. It also employs open standards for communicating with digital field devices and with other systems and applications in a plant.

PlantWeb’s software takes all the data captured from the field devices and turns it into useful knowledge–for operations, engineering, maintenance and management.

PlantWeb software applications such as DeltaV and Asset Management Solutions are modular. At the same time, they are integrated to work together smoothly, with the same Windows look and feel.