Chinese place $13 million radar upgrade order

Engineered Support Systems has received a $13 million contract from Chinese aerospace company, Air Asia Technology, for the upgrade of 40 AN/APQ 159(V)5 radar systems.

The contract will support the Republic of China Air Force and their F-5 aircraft program.

The F-5 Fire Control Radar System contract includes several major components and logistics support to be provided by the St Louis company’s Systems & Electronics Inc (SEI) subsidiary over a two-year period, according to Jerry Daniels, Vice Chairman and CEO of Engineered Support.

SEI is the OEM of the F-5 Aircraft Fire Control Radar System, which was first built in 1973 for the Northrop F-5 aircraft. To date, over 1,000 F-5 Aircraft Fire Control Radar Systems have been manufactured and sold by SEI.

This most recent contract for the upgrade of the F-5 Fire Control Radar System will extend its serviceable life through to 2015 for the Republic of China’s Air Force.

Daniels commented, ‘We are very pleased to have received this subcontract from Air Asia Technology for the upgrade of the Republic of China’s fleet of F-5 fighter aircraft.

‘The engineering staff within our Electronics & Automation business segment continues to support a large installed base of Fire Control Radar Systems for international Air Force customers around the globe who fly F-5 missions on a daily basis,’ added Daniels. ‘Enhancing the performance and extending the life of these systems via upgrade provides our foreign allies with a very cost-effective solution to meet their critical defence needs.’