Chip eliminates cryptography bottlenecks

chipSign A/S has debuted a new chip, dubbed the CS1015/Rubicon, that has been developed to accelerate secure e-Commerce transactions on servers.

Specifically, the device been designed to offload computationally-intensive operations associated with performing RSA or Diffie-Hellman algorithms from the central processing unit in a server. Better yet, even the CRT algorithm is fully embedded on-chip.

At present, the new device supports more than 15000 Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Connections Per Second. But the chip also has a PCI 2.2 33/66MHz interface and several chips can be added to the same PCI bus if it is necessary to scale up performance beyond 15000 operations per second.

The chip has been designed in a 0.18-micron standard CMOS process and is available in a 255-pin CBGA package.

The CS1015 is sampling now, with production quantities scheduled for the second quarter of 2002. Sample quantities are priced at $450 each.

An evaluation kit, the SDK-1015-01, is also available at $1995 and comes complete with a PCI evaluation card, source code for the software drivers and documentation.

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