CHP cuts emissions at Jaguar Halewood

BP Energy has gained consent from Energy Minister Peter Hain to build a 70MW gas-fired combined heat and power station at the Jaguar’s Halewood site. The proposed stations will supply the heat and electricity needs of the Halewood works where Jaguar will build a range of models including its new X-type.

In a written answer to a Parliamentary Question from Maria Eagle (Liverpool, Garston), Hain said: ‘Combined heat and power plants are designed to produce both electricity and usable heat. They have environmental benefits due to their high levels of energy efficiency.

‘The decision shows the commitment of Ford to Merseyside as the power station will supply the current and future needs of the Jaguar works which will shortly be producing a new range.

The Energy Minister has also given the green light to Great Yarmouth Power to extend the South Denes combined cycle gas turbine power station by an increase in capacity from 350 to 400 MW.

In another written answer Hain commented: ‘It is important that developers considering new proposals explore the opportunities to use combined heat and power.’

Combined heat and power stations release 50% less emission of such gases to the atmosphere than conventional fossil fuelled stations.

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