Cimetrix and Siemens wrap it up

Cimetrix has signed a licensing deal with Siemens Energy & Automation and has wrapped up some Swiss robots at the same time.

Cimetrix and Siemens Energy & Automation have announced a broad licensing and reselling agreement that allows Cimetrix to incorporate the Siemens Simatic Step 7 IEC-1131 development environment and the Simatic WinAC PC-based logic engine into its CODE (Cimetrix Open Development Environment) motion control family of products.

The agreement enables Cimetrix to resell other Siemens products to its customers, enables Siemens to license products from Cimetrix, and allows both companies to co-operate on future OMAC technologies, currently being developed by a consortium of companies, including General Motors.

The basis of the partnership is to make complex motion intensive machines easier to program and maintain using today’s PC technology and factory automation industry standards such as IEC-1131.

In a separate agreement, Cimetrix announced that it had signed a long-term OEM agreement with SIG Pack of Beringen, Switzerland. Cimetrix will supply a total software solution including motion, I/O, vision integration, conveyor tracking, real time extensions, and editing software for the new SIG Delta, a parallel mechanism robot designed for packaging applications.

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