City Hall powers up

Architects have unveiled an array of unique trapezoid solar panels on the roof of London’s City Hall which could supply 50,000kWh of electricity.

The photovoltaic panels have a peak capacity of 67kW and needed to be made in a special shape to fit the unusual geometry of the roof.

To develop the glass-glass laminate array for the ‘eyelash’ shaped arrangement, all 46 photovoltaic panels are of  a different size and cell layout to adjust to the curved design of the building. The array includes some of the largest glass-glass laminated photovoltaic panels manufactured in the UK to date.

Grant Brooker, senior partner at City Hall’s architects Foster + Partners, said: ‘The installation of photovoltaic cells on the roof of City Hall completes the building as originally designed. This would not have been possible without the direct help and support that we have enjoyed from the mayor and the Greater London Authority, planners at Southwark, the London Climate Change Agency and our clients at More London.

‘The installation is the most apparent and physical manifestation of the building’s sustainable design agenda. We totally support the mayor in his goals and we hope that City Hall will act as an inspiration to others designing sustainable buildings in our capital.’