Clean Air Power received US patent

High Wycombe-based Clean Air Power has received a further US patent for its Dual-Fuel combustion technology that enables heavy-duty diesel engines to run on a combination of diesel and natural gas.

The patent, entitled ‘Method and apparatus for controlling transition between operating modes in a multimode engine’, was issued on 18 September 2007 and covers the future development of Dual-Fuel technology.

Clean Air Power believes that an internal combustion engine capable of operating in multiple combustion modes will be one of the solutions to meet future emissions and efficiency targets.

The company’s Dual-Fuel combustion technology is one example of a multi-mode engine, enabling heavy-duty diesel engines to run on a combination of both diesel and natural gas. For consistent power output, multi-mode engine transitions between various modes need to be smooth and controlled, which Clean Air Power said is achieved by its technology.

A corresponding European patent application is currently in progress.