Cleaning the chemicals

Newcastle-based Clarizon hopes to use its technology to clean everything from swimming pools to beer pipes after receiving investment of £200,000 from Entrust and a private investor.

The funding will help the company roll out its products, which disinfect and sterilise water through the use of the ozone rather than more harmful chemicals like chlorine.

Over the last three years, Clarizon, led by chemistry professors at Newcastle University, has developed unique technology that produces ozone (O3) using an efficient electrochemical process, rather than the current approach of passing oxygen through a high-voltage.

When water passes through Clarizon’s electrochemical cell, some of it is converted into ozone. This ozonated water is disinfected and sterilised, can be used in a broad range of applications including municipal water treatment, bottle water treatment, food disinfection and preservation, swimming pool treatment and a range of industrial processes.

The company was spun out of Newcastle University three years ago and remains on the campus. Managing director Clive Dyson hopes to double his team to around ten staff by the end of 2008 and is looking to move out of the university by 2010.