Cleaning up

Stirlingshire-based Surface Active Solutions (SAS) signed an 18-year European supply contract with Ondeo Industrial Solutions for the treatment of refinery and petrochemical oil contaminated wastes.

The contract covers the use of mircroemulsion technology and the method of application, which SAS developed and patented. It is used in the treatment and remediation of refinery crude oil slop wastes and other hydrocarbon contaminated wastes from petrochemical processes.

The new strategic partnership aims to reduce the volume of hydrogen wastes produced from industry operations, recover the oil for recycling and clean water for disposal along with a small fraction of non-hazardous solid materials.

This technology aims to find a new method of waste treatment and minimisation. New standards in levels of cleaning efficiency and in environmental performance capabilities typically reduce the volume of oil-contaminated hazardous wastes produced in cleaning applications by 70 to 100 per cent. Significant time, HS&E advantages and related cost savings to operators accompany the benefits of implementing the technology on site.

SAS development director John Harrison said: ‘This process demonstrates a huge leap forward in terms of technological achievement in this area of waste treatment which has long been a major challenge for a number of industries.’

He added: ‘The technology clearly has the potential to provide a complete and economic solution to many applications in this industrial area in line with ever tightening EU environmental legislation.’