Clearly speedy

ClearSpeed Technology has released details of its fast new CS301 multi-threaded array processor.

ClearSpeed Technology has released details of its CS301 multi-threaded array processor.

At over 25 GFLOPS peak performance, Clearspeed claims that its new chip provides more than twice the processing speed of competitive products. At 10 GFLOPS per Watt, it also says that power consumption is also twenty times more efficient.

The CS301 is based on a multi-threaded array processing (MTAP) architecture and includes 64 processing elements, 384 Kbytes of on-chip SRAM and I/O ports interconnecting through ClearSpeed’s ClearConnect bus.

Each processing element has its own floating point units, local memory and I/O capability, making the CS301 suited for applications which have high processing or bandwidth requirements. The ClearConnect bus is a packet switched network that provides high bandwidth and low power consumption, supporting multiple concurrent transfers giving even higher aggregate bandwidth.

As a result, complex mathematically based applications such as computational biology and drug discovery, digital content creation, nanotechnology development, scientific research and financial modelling can now be executed very quickly.

The CS301 can serve either as a co-processor alongside an Intel or AMD CPU within a high performance workstation, blade server or cluster configuration, or as a standalone processor for embedded DSP applications like radar pulse compression or image processing.

In applications where the CS301 is acting as a co-processor, dynamic libraries offload an application’s inner loops to the CS301. Although these inner loops only make up a small portion of the source code, these loops are responsible for the vast majority of the application’s running time. By offloading the inner loops, the CS301 can bypass the traditional bottleneck caused by a CPU’s limited mathematical capability, executing the core of the application more than twice as fast as anything else in the marketplace.

The ClearSpeed CS301 is fully programmable in high-level languages and its software development kit is available now with a C compiler, graphical debugger and a full suite of supporting tools and libraries.