Click for a Faster Cable Connection

A fast and flexible cable entry system can save valuable installation time on a wide range of applications, including switch cabinets, automation systems and plant construction.

Lapp Group’s Skintop® Click is a specially designed latch system making cable mounting up to 70% faster than conventional cable glands. Just click in – turn left – turn right – and the gland is fixed, centred, strain relieved to EN 50262 and hermetically sealed to the highest protection class IP68. No threads need to be cut; no locknuts or assembly tools are required.

In addition to speed of installation, Skintop® Click offers all the reliability and performance of the original Skintop® cable gland. This includes built-in protection against vibration, so making it particularly suited for use in electric motors. It can be easily mounted in any position without the need for a special mounting tool or additional clamping ring. Skintop® Click also has fewer parts for simpler installation, and delivers reliable sealing of even small cable diameters. Skintop® Click is designed to fit panels/cabinets with a wall thickness of 1-4mm.

The SKINTOP® CLICK BS has an additional spiral to protect against bending and to protect and secure flexible cables and is therefore ideal for use in hand-held equipment, mobile machine parts, in stage technology or in the robotics industry, where connecting cables must be protected against excessive bending in accordance with VDE regulation 0730.

The SKINTOP® CLICK range is available in 3 sizes M16, M20 and M25 and also includes the Skintop® Click-R, with a reducing seal insert for tightening of smaller clamping ranges.

Temperature Range:
Static  -40°C up to +100°C
Dynamic -20°C up to +80°C

Colours – Light Grey (RAL 7035), Silver Grey (RAL 7001), Black (RAL 9005)

Protection Class – IP68

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