Closing the bottle

Elopak has formed a joint technical project with Spreckelsen McGeough to allow it to develop a new bottle closure system using bonded aluminium plastic technology.

Elopak Plastic Systems (EPS) has formed a joint technical project with UK based Spreckelsen McGeough to allow EPS to develop a new bottle closure system using Spreckelsen McGeough’s Bonded Aluminium Plastic (BAP) technology.

BAP technology is based on the principle of welding a snap-on injection moulded neck onto an extrusion blow moulded bottle after it has been filled. The welding operation is carried out using induction heating. Entry to the bottles is then via a ring pull system, which permits easy opening, but still allows the bottle to be resealed.

The technology is addressing the fundamental mismatch between the tolerances that can be achieved at the neck of extrusion blow moulded bottles and those attainable with an injection moulded cap. At the same time, bottle weights can be significantly reduced.

BAP closure technology can be applied to PE, PP and PET bottles and has been proved successful for pasteurised applications. It will be validated soon for aseptic and retorted sterilised liquid food and non-food products.

The technical project between the two companies will develop the potential of the BAP closure technology together with the advancement of plastic bottle production from Elopak Plastic Systems.