Clothes to stop the bullet

PolyEitan Composite Ltd has produced a new composite material made from fibres that allegedly have unique electrical properties and are 10 times stronger than steel.

Called 3DPETM, it has been recommended for applications such as circuit boards for high frequency communications and radar installations, and bullet proof cars.

The combined effects of temperature, pressure, tension and chemical solvents cause the fibres of the composite to entangle and bind together. The process causes the outer layers of the fibres to swell, forming a ‘brush-like’ structure that links with similar structures on the supporting matrix.

When the fibres solidify they are rigidly bonded together by the entangled ‘brushes’. It’s strength and weight also make it an ideal material for use in bullet proof products such as armour plated clothing and bullet proof cars. A further use of the composite, however, is tinged with irony.

PolyEitan claims that 3DPETM’s durability and biocompatibility make it an ideal material for surgeons to coat the surfaces of implants in human joints.

Remember to check the label on your next bullet proof vest.

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