Clyde Blowers Capital acquires Energy Services International

Clyde Blowers Capital has acquired US company Energy Services International (ESI), a provider of specialist products and services to the oil and gas industry.

The $20m (£13m) deal includes ESI’s trading businesses Southern Technology and Services and Vicksburg Marine.

ESI, which is based in Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana, has a strong presence in the Gulf of Mexico but Jim McColl, Clyde Blowers Capital chairman and CEO, said that a priority for the latest addition to his portfolio would be looking into the establishment of a service centre in Aberdeen.

McColl said, ‘ESI has an excellent reputation for service and quality, with industry-leading service levels, and it is ripe for growth.

‘The company had a turnover of $20m (£13m) last year, and we are confident we will increase that to $100m (£65m) over the next three to five years, with a great opportunity to expand initially into the North Sea and the Middle East.

‘Over the period we envisage investing up to another $40m (£26m) in ESI, and the Aberdeen service centre would be the first move in that investment.’