CMOS image sensor good for phones

Fujitsu has developed a CMOS colour image sensor module for mobile phone and PDA applications.

The 110,000-pixel MB86S02A offers high sensitivity and low noise, Common Intermediate Format (CIF) compatibility, and a built-in lens in what the company claims is the smallest, lightest, and lowest-power module of its type in the world.

The CMOS image sensor comes with Fujitsu’s proprietary built-in kTC noise-elimination circuit. The noise-reduction circuit drastically suppresses noise, putting the new sensor on a par with CCD image sensors in terms of noise and image quality.

Improved light sensitivity and reduced noise have also boosted image-quality significantly, making it possible to shoot with light levels as low as 2 lux.

The new sensor is sampling in mid-June and costs 3,000 yen. The company expects to ship 500,000 of the products per month.

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