Cobham wins £9m refuelling contract

The Royal Malaysian Air Force has awarded Cobham a £9m contract to supply and integrate a buddy store refuelling system on Su-30 MKM fighters

Cobham, the aerospace company headquartered in Wimborne, Dorset, has won a £9m contract to supply and integrate its 754 buddy store refuelling system on Su-30 MKM fighters for the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF).

A buddy store is an external fuel tank used for in-flight refueling on military aircraft.

The contract, which includes spares and support equipment, will allow the RMAF to extend the Su-30’s range by combining tanking with defensive and offensive capabilities.

Allan Cook, Cobham chief executive said: ‘This order from the RMAF for the Su-30 fighter is a further endorsement of our ‘nose to tail’ air refuelling technology, underlining our world class capability in this field. Cobham equipment has been qualified on seven refuelling programmes worldwide over the last two years. We are very excited about the prospects for further orders for our equipment on the Su-30.’

The Cobham Air Refuelling & Auxiliary Mission Equipment Division specialises in nose-to-tail refuelling capability, from tactical tanking for helicopters, buddy-buddy and special operations to strategic tanking for deployment and sustainment of fixed and rotary wing aircraft. Cobham has delivered over 1,000 refuelling systems to date.