COE launches X-Net VMS

COE Limited, the UK based developer and supplier of integrated CCTV systems today launched its new X-Net Video Management System (VMS).

X-Net VMS is said to be an easy to use, fully scalable, recording and management system for video surveillance applications. It is already integrated with several video intelligence systems including Agent-VI and Citilog.

VMS interfaces with several video system peripherals such as DVRs and also contains alarm interfaces with third party systems for Access Control (AC), Building Management (BMS) and Fire Alarms. The system works in multi-thousand camera surveillance systems and incorporates COE’s five years experience gained supplying software for very large high profile installations.

X-Net VMS is based on open hardware and software architectures for easy expansion and runs on industry standard PCs and servers. The system is also fully integrated with COE’s X-Net transmission system which is widely implemented in analogue, hybrid and pure IP surveillance systems.

The first implementation of the X-Net Video Management System follows a competitive win in Italy’s Martignano tunnel. X-Net VMS is installed together with COE’s G3 MPEG4 codecs and the leading Citilog intelligence road video analysis system.