Promoted content: Collaborate with Birmingham City University to improve R&D capability

Birmingham City University is the University for Birmingham. If you’re a business or organisation in Birmingham, the Midlands or further afield (nationally, or internationally), and looking to implement a new product, service or idea, we’d love to hear from you to see if we can establish an impactful, long-lasting research collaboration.

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IT engineer works with augmented reality software in data center. He wirelessly interacts with rack servers

As a practice-based University, we create a wealth of knowledge, research and expertise that has real world business or societal impact.

Our Business Development Managers can meet with you to discuss your idea and based on your requirements, build a project delivery team made up of University experts and specialists who are best suited to work with you and your research project.

“We can help businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes advance research in their chosen field. Join us to develop and pilot new innovations alongside transferring knowledge and skills into your organisation.” – Heike Schuster James, Senior Development Manager, Birmingham City University

“Our research collaborations with Birmingham City University and its knowledge base have really helped Central England Co-Operative grow as a business” – John Armstrong, Head of Information Technology at Central England Co-Operative.

We invite you to collaborate with us…

Birmingham City University is particularly interested in driving research and development within digital technology and environmental sustainability. Examples of existing research that you could collaborate with us in are:

Augmented Reality (AR)

  • Implementing AR within your business may be more accessible than you think, and our research knowledge could help you with this.

Big Data

  • Could big data and machine learning help you gain the competitive advantage you’re seeking? A collaboration could see you better harnessing the power of data.

Smart Cities

  • We’re at the forefront of Birmingham’s ground-breaking Smart City research, developing the intelligence needed to help local authorities, SMEs, larger businesses and organisations make smarter business and strategic decisions for the City. Discover how our Smart City activity could benefit you.

Advanced Manufacturing

  • We are changing the perceptions of Magnesium. Find out why you should be considering Magnesium for your product development.

We’d love to hear from you, to find out more and initiate a research collaboration with Birmingham City University, visit birmingham university