Collaborating in medicine

Conferos, along with Dow Plastics and the Medical Device Manufacturers Association (MDMA), have created a product development Web site to speed the development of medical devices., claimed to be the first collaborative data management site dedicated to the medical device industry, provides OEMs and suppliers with a suite of online tools that streamline the product development process. Through a secure project space, c-Medica users can share CAD files and technical data, access databases, conduct meetings, manage project milestones, and make use of work plan processes.

‘Because of the highly technical nature of the medical device industry, early supplier involvement is one of the key drivers for OEMs to deliver products to market faster,’ said Frank Diodato, Conferos’ Vice President. ‘Suppliers can offer medical device designers valuable experience and information that can help OEMs make design decisions faster and more confidently – in the end, reducing the early stage specification period and enabling a more robust device to be developed.’

To launch c-Medica, Conferos is customising their product data management software ProductSync for the medical device industry and will be responsible for the implementation and build out of the site. c-Medica has formed a voluntary advisory board comprised of representatives from the medical device industry to provide guidance for the site.

Initial advisory board members include Dow Plastics and the MDMA. c-Medica will begin beta testing with several medical device manufacturers in July and will be commercially available in the third quarter of 2001.

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