Collaborative technology development

A new online directory enables companies and research organisations to identify, and be identified as, potential partners for collaborative technology development.

With the East of England having one of the strongest and fastest growing economies in the UK, and with Cambridge at its centre as a significant world class R&D hub, many companies in the region can benefit from membership of the directory.

The directory is an initiative of the Sensors Knowledge Transfer Network which acts on behalf of the UK’s sensor and advanced instrumentation community including researchers, industry, research councils and government departments.

‘This is an exciting and valuable development,’ said David Jenkins who is managing the development of the directory. ‘It’s exciting because it reveals the scope and depth of technology-related activity in the UK and it’s valuable because it presents a tool which can be used easily’.

In addition to supporting the development of collaborative partnerships it also enables companies to make themselves visible as potential suppliers to research organisations. Many companies are unaware of the business opportunities that such organisations present. The Department of Trade and Industry is especially concerned that UK companies are able to respond to these both in the UK and elsewhere.

Entry to the directory is free and includes:

• Membership of the Research Facilities and Advanced Instrumentation Special Interest Groups
• Notification of relevant events
• Alerts on funding opportunities
• Monthly newsletter
• Research Facilities Opportunities Bulletin

The online directory enables organisations to see at a glance which organisations meet the profile of potential partners and to whom they should talk.

The directory has been developed by Qi3, the Cambridge based technology marketing specialist, on behalf of the Sensors Knowledge Transfer Network. 

Companies wishing to ensure they are listed, should register at