Communicating in colour

The Nokia 9210 Communicator ‘ups the ante’ in the heated ‘toys for the boys’ market with a full colour display.

The Nokia 9210 Communicator is a dual band EGSM900/1800 integrated full service mobile communications terminal combining phone, fax, email, calendar, imaging, WAP and WWW.

Support for commonly used PC office applications, makes it possible to create Microsoft Word and Excel documents and view PowerPoint slides. A standard memory card of 16 MB extends the memory for installing new applications.

The new communicator is also SyncML enabled, making it possible to remotely synchronise calendar, contacts and to-do lists. Desk and background images can be fully customised according to individual tastes.

The Web browser supports frames and Java applets. Wireless imaging enables users to save memorable moments in a personal photo album. Functioning on Symbian’s EPOC operating platform with PersonalJava support, the Nokia 9210 Communicator allows an unlimited number of third-party software solutions, ranging from corporate applications to entertainment content.

The Nokia 9210 Communicator weighs 244 g, and has a display which supports 4096 colors. With a standard lithium-ion battery, the new communicator can have up to 10 hours of talktime and up to 230 hours of operating time under optimal circumstances. The product supports High Speed Circuit Switched Data (HSCSD) with data speeds of up to 43.2 kbps.

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