Compact T22 torque transducer meets general purpose needs

The newly-launched T22 torque transducer from HBM is intended as a low-cost solution for applications that have less demanding accuracy requirements. Main applications include static and dynamic torque measurement on stationary or rotating parts in laboratory, test and measurement, as well as in production and process control and education.

With its compact and robust design, the transducer has a 0.5 accuracy as defined by HBM and comes in different nominal (rated) torque steps ranging from 5 N•m to 1000 N•m. The maximum permissible rotational speed ranges from 9,000 up to 16,000 rpm, depending on the measuring range.

Integrated electronics ensure ease of use and reduce the cost of the measurement chain. The T22 torque transducer has a power requirement of 11.5 V to 30 V DC and has two ±5 V and 10±8 mA analog outputs available in parallel making it an ideal solution for direct connection to a PLC. Torque is measured using strain gages and contactless energy and signal transmission.

HBM offers a standard warranty period of three years for the T22 underlining the transducer’s reliability.

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