Competition invites solar energy harvesting proposals

A competition launched by the EPSRC and the Technology Strategy Board aims to help create a new generation of solar energy harvesting technologies based on nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology researchers and industry specialists are being invited to propose business-led research projects that will compete for £7m in funding.

The competition is designed to build upon earlier investments of £6.7m in five research projects by the Research Councils, led by EPSRC. The EPSRC will invest up to £5m in the new research and development projects while the Technology Strategy Board will invest £2m.

Prof David Delpy, chief executive officer at the EPSRC, said: ’Solar energy is the only renewable energy technology that, in theory, could meet all of the world’s energy needs. To date we have been limited by the cost and efficiency of the available technology. This competition will “fast track” projects that address some of these challenges.’

The competition opens on 13 September 2010 and expressions of interest must be submitted by 14 October 2010. The closing date for receiving full applications is 21 October 2010.