Competition seeks innovative food, water and energy ideas

The Greenius — or Green Genius — competition aimed at driving forward the UK’s green growth agenda has opened and organisations are invited to compete for a share of £3m for the development of innovative, near-market technologies leading to commercialisation.

The national competition, which will be managed by the Technology Strategy Board, is centred around three themes: food, water and energy. Submitted ideas should link two or preferably all three of these themes and must offer significant benefits for customers and/or businesses.

The competition is in two phases: in the first, 25 contracts will be awarded for feasibility studies lasting up to 13 weeks; and in the second, the proposed solutions from phase one will be assessed for their suitability and up to six development contracts will be awarded, lasting up to 12 months, each leading to a prototype or demonstrator for the technology.

The deadline for registration is 29 October 2012. Applications must be received by 5 November 2012.