Composite bearing is a winner in World Cup stadium roof

A high performance composite bearing from Silvertown UK and ACM will be used in the roof structure of South Korea’s World Cup 2002 football stadium. The bearing is 1/6th the weight of an equivalent steel bearing and has a higher load capacity. It can be installed by one person, requires no maintenance and has a predicted design life of around 50 years.

The bearing is manufactured from a high strength, fibre-reinforced composite and drilled and filled with PTFE dispersed in a wax matrix to optimise sliding properties. Lubrication is further enhanced by graphite loading the base compound. Independent compression testing has shown all designs to have a coefficient of dry friction around 5%.

The roof design is based around two arches, front and rear, giving a 273m clear span which will be covered by a PTFE/glass mesh fabric roof. Four bearings will be installed between the steel arches and the concrete tower structure to allow rotation of the arch on its support and carry the 30,000kN axial force generated.

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