Composite fabric takes the heat out of fire

The demand for ever more advanced fire protection materials becomes greater at the same rate as our expectations of safety, putting more pressure on the construction, transport and petrochemical industries to develop more effective solutions. One new development from TBA Textiles is Firefly Plus, a fire barrier which has integrity stability and insulating properties to prevent fire and smoke spread and to protect the cold face from rapid temperature rise.

Firefly Plus is a four-layer composite material system comprising two outer layers of treated glass-fibre fire barrier fabrics interspersed by two layers of high temperature resistant insulating filler packs. It is a clean, lightweight, fabric system that can be easily handled, moulded and cut and contains no respirable fibres. Because the material is a fabric, it can be used around pipes and ducting. It has patented heat resistant joints too; joints are sealed by interleaving the various layers of material. At the top of the range, Firefly Plus 60 has 60min integrity with 17min insulation.