Compound gets to grips

A contract for the manufacture of a sub-system incorporating 15 machined parts posed a gripping problem for Filtronic Components. A total of 200 sets of parts were required, all manufactured from thin aluminium sheet with very intricate machining detail to a depth tolerance of 0.02mm and thickness tolerance of 0.05mm.

Identifying and establishing a satisfactory method of holding the parts securely in a flat position during machining was the linchpin upon which the whole process hinged. A number of gripping methods were investigated with little success.

Hillcliff Tools suggested Mitee-Grip from Mitee-Bite Products, which proved to be the perfect solution. Mitee-Grip is a heat activated compound embedded in a 0.025mm thick holding medium. The paper-like product will bond to steel, aluminium, glass, wood, ceramics and most plastics, and is suitable for electrical and electronic applications.

The compound is placed between a sub-plate and work piece and heated to 180 C to 200 C, bonding the parts to the sub-plate with a shear force of 40psi. After machining with coolant, the work piece is released by re-heating.

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