Compression seals

Textron Fastening Systems, a business unit of Textron, has introduced Avseal II, a compression sealing system that plugs holes in thin metal components situated in restricted areas.

The two-piece structural stem locking mechanism seals holes with diameters ranging from 4mm to 20mm in steel, iron, and aluminium. It installs high and low pressure seals in two seconds in such automotive components as engine blocks, cylinder heads, transmission components, and brake systems. Industrial applications include compressors, hydraulic blocks, and pumps.

“The Avseal II system delivers leak-resistant sealing in predrilled holes with width tolerances six times larger than present systems,” said Seshu Seshasai, executive vice president of technology for Textron Fastening Systems.

A 10mm Avseal II, for example, can cover a hole size range from 9.8mm to 10.8mm, allowing reduction in part numbers, according to Seshasai. Plugs can be placed flush to the hole or deep in the casting, creating a pressure-tight seal with push-out resistance of up to 15,000psi (1,000 bar).

The Avseal II system is also said to eliminate such preliminary processes as reaming, tapping, extra sealant, or torque-controlled tools. “Just drill the hole and it’s ready to go,” Seshasai said.

Other new features include a zinc-plated steel mandrel crimped for ease of installation by standard hand-held tools and high-speed automation equipment. A tapered plug stem ensures ease of entry into tooling equipment.

The Avseal II system becomes the new sealing standard for Textron Fastening Systems, replacing the Avseal series, which plugs by expansion, rather than compression.

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