Configuring cameras

Coreco Imaging’s CamExpert is a new Windows-based camera configuration utility that is bundled with the latest release of the company’s Sapera LT 5.0 image acquisition and development library.

The utility provides an interactive environment for creating new, or modifying existing, configuration files for area and linescan camera applications.

‘CamExpert eliminates the complexity of interfacing cameras via a point-and-click menu and it provides a faster, easier way to program the acquisition hardware,’ said Philip Colet, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Coreco Imaging.

The software includes an enhanced graphical user interface with multiple views of camera and board parameters, a live grab and display window for rapid online parameter tweaking, a sophisticated waveform view that improves understanding of signal inter-relationships and live camera status indicators to ease camera setup. In addition, there is a single camera configuration file format (CCF) rather than separate files for camera interfacing and video parameters and context-sensitive help. An interactive waveform tool allows precise timing parameter setup.

Sapera LT 5.0 itself is a suite of hardware-independent C and C++ software libraries for image acquisition, display and control that supports all of Coreco Imaging’s hardware platforms.

In addition to CamExpert, other new high-performance capabilities in the latest release include new and expanded C++ classes for image acquisition, buffer management and IO controls, three Bayer filter algorithms that increase the accuracy of image edges, colour quality and speed of execution as well as Microsoft .Net compatibility.

There’s also a ‘Trigger-to-image reliability’ feature that enables camera control signals (triggers and strobes) to be monitored via the desktop for easier debugging.

Sapera LT 5.0 is available now.

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