Connecting fibres

Fujikura Europe has received an extended contract to supply Belgium-based Belgacom with its 50S fusion splicer and recently upgraded CT-30A cleaver.

Belgacom, which is continuing a transition from a copper network to a fibre optic network, is using fusion splicing in distribution frames where optical connectors are not essential for fibre management, to reduce the number of connectors in the network.

‘In 2006, we sold 25 per cent more fusion splicers than at the peak of the telecoms market in 2000, and are now seeing a massive need for high-quality, usable splicers and splicing accessories as operators around Europe look to fibre as the means of delivering advanced services on their networks,’ said Fernando Terceiro, splicer business team leader at Fujikura Europe.

According to Surrey-based Fujikura, its fusion splicers are compatible with all types of fibre, including polarisation maintained, single mode, multimode and ribbon fibre.