Connector is first in family

MTL has announced the launch of a new connector, the first of a family of hazardous area products.

The MTL951 Ex de hazardous area plug and socket enables equipment to be safely disconnected from a power or signal line in a hazardous area, without having to isolate the supply. It also allows equipment to be removed from the bus without having to disrupt communication or power with other equipment attached to that bus.

Applications include fieldbus instrumentation, standard 4-20mA runs, junction box feeds, power supply units, distribution boards and any other application that requires power and instrument feeds in a hazardous area. It can be used in Zone 1 and Zone 2 areas and for apparatus group IIC T4 applications.

It has a usage and storage ambient temperature of -40ºC to +70ºC. It can interface with the following types of electrical protection (Ex i, Ex d, Ex e, Ex p, Ex m and Ex n) allowing the user the freedom to select the best option for the application.

There are two versions of the plug and socket. The power version is intended primarily for use with 230/110V ac supplies and the signal version for use with lower level signals. However, their use for other duties within their rating is permitted.

The degree of environmental protection offered by the plug and socket is largely determined by the cable and cable gland used with the plug. It can be IP65 and should not be less than IP54.

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