Connex places 120 million Euro order

Bombardier Transportation has today received a 120 million Euro order from Connex Verkehr of Germany for the production of 15 regional trains and four electric TRAXX locomotives.

Bombardier Transportation has today received an order from Connex Verkehr GmbH for the production of regional trains. The order, valued at approximately 120 million Euros comprises 15 trains with a total of 90 cars, and four electric Bombardier TRAXX locomotives.

Delivery of the vehicles is expected to start in the summer of 2005. The trains are scheduled to be put in service in December 2005 on the Marschbahn Line between Hamburg and Westerland (Sylt) in northern Germany.

The new single-deck coaches are based on the vehicle design and technical solutions developed by Bombardier Transportation for Bombardier double-deck cars.

The 15 trains, which can run at a maximum speed of 160 km/h, will be composed of either four or six air-conditioned single-deck cars in three different versions, connecting cars with the locomotives, middle cars, and steering cars.

The vehicle’s control system will allow for feeder train operation, whereby two train units, operated with only one driver, can be split up at an en-route train station and then continue towards different destinations.