Construction project lands Carillion share of £80 million contract

Carillion has been chosen to lead an £80 million construction project that will see the creation of new medical facilities in the West Midlands.

Carillion has been appointed preferred bidder for the development, construction, provision of facilities management and financial backing for doctors’ surgeries and other primary care facilities across Birmingham and Solihull.

The contract, a joint venture with specialist development company Prime, is estimated to be worth around £80 million over the first five years of a potential 20 year partnership.

Through the LIFT (Local Improvement Finance Trust) programme, a total of 12 ‘one-stop’ centres will be created by The Carillion Prime Partnership to bring social services closer to healthcare provision. Over the next two years, a further 30 facilities will either be improved or replaced.

LIFT reportedly aims to create high quality, comfortable premises for the delivery of local healthcare, replacing outdated or poorly maintained premises throughout Birmingham and Solihull.

Work on the first three schemes will start in October.

Carillion has also been selected to bid for Diagnostic and Treatment Centres (DTC) in the UK. The DTC programme is estimated to involve some £2 billion of construction work over the next few years plus medical and support services worth in the region of £1.5 billion per annum.

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