DP Seals adds best rubber/chemical compatibility database to website

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Contains rubber polymer compatibility information on over 1,600 chemicals

Poole, UK, August 29th, 2007 - - - Poole-based custom rubber moulding specialists DP Seals has integrated one of the web’s most comprehensive chemical compatibility checkers into its website. Users entering one of almost 1,650 chemical compounds into the search box immediately receive relevant compatibility performance information against over a dozen common rubber polymers used in seals and mouldings. Check boxes allow more detailed information on the chosen polymers to be obtained quickly and easily.

“There are very few general chemical compatibility checkers for rubber polymers available on the web, and those that do exist list only a few hundred chemicals at best,” comments Andrew Piper, DP Seals’ Technical Director. “Over the years our website has become a Mecca for general information on the common rubber polymers. This extremely comprehensive chemical compatibility database further strengthens our commitment to correct materials selection.”

Choosing the right rubber polymer for an application is often a compromise between material cost and performance - and higher cost is no guarantee of better compatibility in the presence of a specific chemical compound. DP Seals’ chemical compatibility database provides a first line of enquiry. As a user enters a chemical name into the search box, the database is already being searched for matches – more characters shorten the list. Clicking on the compound’s full name calls up a chart providing simple performance ratings of the common polymers against the compound together with a price indication. The user can then compare a broader set of performance parameters by selecting from the listed polymers.

The use of Web 2/AJAX technology allows the remote database to be referenced as the user enters the search term. A list of best matches is produced as more of the term is entered, immediately indicating if the compound is listed, helping eliminate spelling problems. An A to Z search is also provided.

DP Seals is a leading global supplier of high precision custom seals, gaskets and mouldings that now play a key role in a huge variety of industrial and commercial applications. More information – and the chemical compatibility checker - is available at www.dpseals.com


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