BAE Systems awarded $7.2m

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BAE Systems has received $7.2m from General Dynamics to supply a 57mm Mk 110 Naval Gun system to be installed on the US Navy's fourth Littoral Combat Ship (LCS 4).

The contract includes options including spare parts and training. The gun, which will form the ships main armament, is scheduled to be delivered in 2008.

‘We believe the Mk 110 is the right choice for the littoral ship class because of the gun's extreme versatility,’ said Scott Thompson, BAE Systems' Mk 110 program director. ‘The gun's Mk 295 ammunition allows the system to perform against aerial, surface or ground threats with just a single round.’

The 57-mm Mk 110 fires automatic salvos of 57mm Mk 295 ammunition at a rate of 220 rounds per minute and a range of up to nine miles. The naval gun is lightweight and compact, with minimal deck penetration, and operates in remote or local control.

BAE Systems says it has received three contracts for a total of four gun systems for the LCS program and an additional three contracts for the US Coast Guard's Deepwater program. Additionally, the system has been selected for the US Navy's DDG 1000 destroyer and for the Coast Guard's Offshore Patrol Cutter. Once in full-rate production, the Mk 110 will be manufactured at BAE Systems' facility in

Louisville, Kentucky