Boeing awarded $5.5bn

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Deutsche Lufthansa recently announced an order for 20 747-8 Intercontinental jetliners from Boeing, with options for 20 more aircraft.

The Lufthansa order, with a total average list-price value of $5.5bn, is scheduled for delivery beginning in 2010. This order is a primary component of the airline's plan to modernise its fleet and increase environmental stewardship.

According to Boeing, the 747-8 will reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by 16 per cent compared to the 747-400s it will replace. It also will meet the nitrogen-oxide regulations being incorporated by the Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection.

In addition, the 747-8 will generate 30 per cent less noise then its predecessor. It will meet the London Quota Count (QC) 2 metric, which dictates operating hours into, and out of, London-area airports based on noise levels.

The 747-8 will feature a new wing design, next-generation General Electric GEnx engines, an upgraded flight deck and a new interior.