Cable Entry Plates Feature Two Level Sealing + Strain Relief

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The latest wiring installation product from M Buttkereit Ltd is the KEL-DPZ cable entry plate from their icotek range. This comprises a polyamide frame bonded to a moulded elastomer sealing plate which can accommodate multiple cable entry for a combination of cable sizes. These include 12 cables up to 5.6mm diameter, plus 7 cables up to 9.7mm diameter and a further 6 cables up to 11.9mm diameter.

An installation time of only seconds is claimed for these cable entry plates, saving considerable time on cabling up machine building projects, panel mounted switchgear, the control systems for heating, ventilating and air-conditioning plant, and many other applications.

The KEL-DPZ unit is designed for use with a standardised cut-out for a 24 pole connector (35 x 112mm) and the elastomer plate incorporates a moulded-in circumferential seal for when it is bolted to a mounting surface.

All cable entry sealing features are pre-formed, with the first seal comprising a single membrane which is simply pierced to facilitate cable entry. The cable is then further pushed through a short sleeve, also moulded into the elastomer plate. This simple procedure, which does not require special tools, is both quick and easy but results in a two-fold sealing of the cable to achieve an IP65 level of protection. At the same time these seals also provide an automatic two-fold level of strain protection. Any number of the cable entry ports can be utilised, with unused entries kept in reserve without compromising the level of protection against dust and water.

The KEL-DPZ plate is 58 x 147mm overall size but is only 10mm thick with a four hole fixing. The elastomer sealing material is UL 94 V0, which is self extinguishing and free of halogen and silicone.

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