Last week's poll: RoboRace

1 min read

Is there any value to the 'RoboRace' series for autonomous cars that will accompany Formula E races from later this year?


Next season’s Formula E series will feature a race between driverless autonomous vehicles, a contest centred around the best control and AI software to operate the cars.

The Engineer asked if there’s any value to the ‘RoboRace’, and the results point to a close finish at the poll’s chequered flag with 30 per cent agreeing that it will encourage development but won’t be a spectacle, and 28 per cent taking the view that merging motorsport and gaming will be interesting.

A fifth of respondents agreed that there’s no point to the race without any human skill, and the remaining 22 per cent was split equally between those believing there will need to be a noticeable difference in performance and the remainder who opted for the ‘none of the above’ option.

The poll is now closed but we value your opinions on this subject and would like to hear what you think via Comments below.